Breast Cancer Risk Test


Little Company of Mary Hospital and Health Care Centers is pleased to offer women in our community the valuable on-line resources they need to learn about their personal risk factors for developing breast cancer, as well as tools and information for detecting and treating it.

Discovering breast cancer early gives women the best chance of beating it, and together with the advanced treatment options at Little Company of Mary Hospital and Health Care Centers, can lead to a quicker and more convenient experience.

Log on below to begin your breast cancer risk assessment now. When finished, you will learn your risk level, what factors put you at risk, and what that risk level means.

Breast Cancer Risk Test

Get the facts about breast cancer and learn what factors may put you at risk. The following test will ask some questions about your health, background and lifestyle to estimate your chances of developing breast cancer, and then explain what you can do to change them.

If you do not have a 6-digit access code and would like to take the Breast Cancer Risk Test, please complete the following information and an access code will be e-mailed to the address you provide.